Modern Living Interior Design

Challenge: Reaching homeowners in Singapore actively seeking interior design services to elevate their living spaces.

Solution: A data-driven digital marketing strategy designed to attract potential clients who align with Modern Living Interior Design’s (MLID) unique style and expertise.

Pre-Campaign Research:

  • Target Audience Profiling: Uncovering the demographics, online behavior, and design preferences of homeowners in Singapore seeking interior design services. This includes understanding their preferred channels for researching designers and the types of content they engage with.
  • Competitor Landscape: A thorough analysis of MLID’s competitors’ online presence. This allows us to identify best practices, potential gaps, and opportunities to differentiate MLID’s brand message.
  • Client Collaboration: Working closely with MLID to understand their target audience segments (families, young professionals, etc.), preferred design styles, and brand values.

Digital Strategy Pillars:

  • Compelling Content: Curating engaging content showcasing MLID’s design philosophy and portfolio. This could include stunning visuals of completed projects, informative blog posts on design trends, inspiring video testimonials from satisfied clients.
  • Social Media Marketing: Developing a captivating social media presence across platforms frequented by homeowners seeking design inspiration (Instagram, Pinterest). Sharing captivating photos, “before & after” reveals, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and engaging design tips.
  • Targeted Online Advertising: Utilizing platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads to reach homeowners actively searching for interior design services in their area. This ensures ads reach highly qualified leads with a genuine interest in interior design.

Expected Outcome:

By crafting a targeted digital marketing campaign focused on homeowner needs and showcasing MLID’s design expertise, we aim to significantly increase brand awareness, generate high-quality leads, and ultimately drive new business for Modern Living Interior Design.

  • Strategy

    Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business Management

  • Design

    Content Design, Art Direction

  • Client

    Modern Living

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